GP BikeView

Fields of application

  • Professional bikefitting
  • Analysis of the position on the bike
  • Check and Change of the ergonomic components
  • identification of defective positions (back)
  • identification of defective positions (knee)


GPBikeView has been developed to analyze the cycling posture and the pedalling. Digital cameras may tape the cyclist from the side, from the front or from the back. Through the software one is enabled to compare different postures and joint-angles during different phases of pedalling.

Based on this the bike’s geometry (handle bars – saddle, vertical – horizontal) might be changed in order to ensure an ergonomic seating position. Additionally, one may detect a defective position of the leg’s centre line or of the connection between shoe and pedal, which can then be easily improved to avoid overstressing.

Up to two digital cameras can be used simultaneously with the possibility to synchronize different movies and picture sources.

The software offers the possibility to display up to four recoded movies simultaneously, which allows you to analyze and directly compare different positions.

Features to draw in angles or a plumb line, or to show grids facilitate the analysis. The possibilities do not stop here. It is furthermore possible to zoom-in on a detail screen and to change the replay speed.

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